FTX Vantage Brushed

FTX Vantage Brushed

Brand: FTX

Part Number: FTX5528

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Looking for a step up from the basic package? Why not take a larger capacity battery coupled with a fast charger.

1 x Wheelspin Racing 7.2v NiMh Stick Pack - 3300mAh - Tamiya Connector #WM-3300T
1 x eTronix Power Pal Peak Detect NiMh Fast Charger - Mains/12v Input #ET0208

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Want longer run time and a super quick charge - look no further than this combo package, supplied with TWO of our best batteries and a fast charger!

2 x Voltz 5300mAh NiMh Stick Pack - 7.2v - Tamiya Connector #VZ0025
1 x eTronix Power Pal Peak Detect NiMh Fast Charger - Mains/12v Input #ET0208

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Race inspired styling at an entry level price. The upgraded FTX Vantage Brushed Edition comes with everything you need to be up and running all in the box (just add AAs).

Icluded in this new edition is an Etronix Sport radio system, giving you all the advantages of 2.4Ghz technology. Also new, is a fully waterproof motor and speed controller, allowing you to take your Vantage even further off-road without fear of water damage to the electrics.

The 4wd shaft drivetrain features metal diff gears and front universal driveshafts, while an integrated slipper helps protect the drive from possible damage. 

With adjustable turnbuckles all round and large bore oil filled shock absorbers the Vantage Brushed is raring to go at a truly amazing price.

In addition if you want to tune and upgrade your Vantage Brushed, FTX provide a wide range of carbon and aluminium upgrades that will bring your ride up to a whole new pro level.

FTX Vantage Brushed Features:

  • Ready to run with 2.4Ghz Etronix Sport radio system
  • 30A rated WATERPROOF brushed speed control
  • WATERPROOF 550 brushed motor
  • Voltz 1800mAh 7.2v NiMH battery
  • Wall charger for battery
  • Race designed low profile pre-painted bodyshell
  • Moulded tub chassis
  • 4wd shaft drive with slipper system
  • Unique gearbox design for low CG
  • Lightweight high impact arms
  • Big bore oil filled adjustable shocks
  • Gearbox metal crown & pinion gear
  • Front universal driveshafts
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Fully adjustable suspension including, droop, camber, toe-in, wheelbase etc
  • Slipper for drivetrain damage protection
  • Chassis accepts NiMh or LiPo battery
  • 3kg steering servo with heatsink body
  • Wide range of option parts available

FTX Vantage Brushed Specification

  • Length: 415mm
  • Width: 255mm
  • Heigh: 142mm
  • Wheelbase: 275/280mm
  • Tyre: 88 x 39mm (rear) - 88 x 34mm )front)
  • Gear Ratio: 8.3:1
  • Weight: 1710g
  • Brand: FTX
  • Part No: FTX5528
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Build Level: Assembled (RTR)
  • Vehicle Type: Buggy
  • Power Source: Electric - Brushed
  • Surface Type: Off Road

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Jack Ford - 4th March 2016

Great vehicle :P If you are looking to start out with RC then this is for you because this car has 2 cousins and they can share their parts so its good for customisation to . With my car iIcurrently have a vantage main but installed carnage body posts and bumper and a bugsta body . The parts are fairly cheap so don't worry drive full throttle also they offer upgrade parts from stronger materials . All in all i highly recommend this car to anyone

Could you please tell me the speed of the FTX vantage brushed?
Asked by Kelly Edwards on 10th October 2016

Speed isn't quoted for these, but we'd estimate around 20-25mph.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Could you tell how long battery will run for and how long it takes to charge?
Asked by Jason Goodhead on 12th November 2016

The stock battery should last around 10-15 minutes or so depending on how you drive.

Charge time with the included charger is around 5-6 hours.  However, we do list several combo packs with faster chargers (under 1 hour charge time) and longer lasting batteries (up to around 30 mins runtime).

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

If I buy the battery upgrade (fast charger and higher cpacity) do I still get the original too?
Asked by Andy on 9th June 2017

Yes, the original battery remains included with the car.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is this suitable for a 9 year old and also can it be used on wet sand/beaches?
Asked by Nigel Allcock on 12th December 2017

With adult supervision it should be fine.

This now includes a waterproof ESC, so should be fine in damp conditions - please note running in wet/sandy conditions will require additional maintenance however.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Can u ship electronics to ireland?
Asked by Francis on 26th November 2019

Yes we ship all over the world.

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

I’ve read that this model is compatible with both NiMH and LiPo batteries. If I were to upgrade to a 2c 7.4v LiPo - which connector would the battery need?
Asked by Jo on 11th July 2020

Yes you can run NiMh or 2S LiPo.

The car has tamiya connectors

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

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