Traxxas iD NiMh Battery - 5000mAh 9.6v Hump

Brand: Traxxas

Part Number: TRX2963X

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Weights & Dimensions
Weight 625.96g 22.08oz
Shipping Weight 0.63kg 1.38lbs

Product Height 52.07mm 2.05in
Product Width 55.88mm 2.2in
Product Length 166.37mm 6.55in
  • Connector: Traxxas
  • Configuration: Hump
  • Cells: 8-Cell (9.6V)
  • Voltage: 9.6V
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Age Recommendation: 14+
    • Brand: Traxxas
    • Part No: TRX2963X
    • Voltage: 9.6v
    • Connector: Traxxas

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    Just purchased a Stampede XL-5. This comes with a fast charger which can charge at 4 Amps. I want to purchase another battery, traxxas 5000mah 9.6v. Will my charger be able to charge they battery to full capacity?
    Asked by John Watkins on 26th August 2016

    Yes, your charger will be able to charge this battery no problem. At 4A charge rate, it will take around just over an hour to fully charge.

    However, please note the Stampede XL-5 is only officially rated for a maximum of 8.4v.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Will the battery charge with the charger that comes with the Traxxas slash 2wd
    Asked by Hayden on 16th October 2016

    Yes, you could charge this on the DC charger that comes with the Traxxas Slash.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Will this battery make a 2wd slash go quicker
    Asked by Fred on 27th March 2017

    Yes, this will increase speed compared to the stock 8.4v batteries.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Hi there. Will this battery work in the slash 4x4 vxl and what short of run time and speed would I be looking at.
    Asked by Luke on 16th April 2018

    Yes, this will fit the TRX68086 Slash 4x4 VXL.

    Runtime we'd estimate around 30 mins, speed around 40 mph

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    will this make the rustler xl-5 go faster
    Asked by Fenton Birch on 11th September 2018

    Yes, the stock battery is 8.4v so the 9.6v will give higher speed.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    How do you think the Arrma Bigrock BLX will run on this battery? (speed and run time).
    Asked by Paul on 13th December 2018

    We'd estimate around 35mph and around 25-30 mins runtime - but that will of course depend on your driving style.

    Note, you will need to change the connectors as this is on a TRX ID connector.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Will this fit a Traxxas Defender with the hump facing downwards in the LIPO slot?
    Asked by Mike Przyrembel on 3rd January 2019

    Sorry no, that won't fit.

    If looking for higher voltage, you could look at say the TRX2872X 3S Lipo instead. You would however need a LiPo charger though.

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Hi, Will it fit the Rustler 4X4 VXL? Thanks
    Asked by Richard on 28th April 2019

    No, it's not listed for Rustler 4x4. You'd be better perhaps looking into a 3S LiPo such as TRX2849X

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Will this battery work with a Bandit XL-5?
    Asked by Justin Lewis on 7th August 2019

    Not with the standard battery strap I'm afraid - it'll be too large and would need you to modify the battery strap.

    The 8.4v packs would work such as say TRX2961X

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Will this battery fit the Traxxas Skully
    Asked by Dave Jones on 6th April 2020


    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Hi I think I need to buy a new battery for my Traxxas Rustler R/C car. Currently I have a 8.4V NiMH 3000MAH hump battery. It's getting really hot and not lasting very long now which I assume (rightly or wrongly) that its nearing the end. We get about 5 mins of quality play out of it now where as it used to be more like 15-20 minutes. I've seen you have a 5000mAh 9.6V battery Traxxas hump battery in stock. My question is, is it safe to run this higher voltage battery in this car? And are there any alternatives like a Lipo battery which I've read are lighter and deliver more consistent power? Thanks
    Asked by Gary Bartram on 30th July 2020

    That depends on your car and setup - but the current Rustler XL-5 brushed does not support 9.6v packs.

    I'd stick to 8.4v - eg say TRX2926X or TRX2941X or TRX2961X

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Hi, would this battery fit in the Stampede XL5? Thanks, Liz
    Asked by Liz Davies on 5th March 2021

    Yes that would fit, but you'd also need TRX3725X expansion kit

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

    Hi! Would this for in a Stampede 4x4? Do you think it would be too heavy and would a 7 cell nimh be better?
    Asked by Matthew Davies on 5th March 2021

    It will physically fit yes.  However, it's too high voltage for the brushed model.

    Would be fine in the brushless VXL however

    Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

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