Fastrax King Starter Box

Fastrax King Starter Box

Brand: Fastrax

Part Number: FAST555

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Get your starter box cranking over at full blast with a heavy duty 12v gel cell and charger

1 x 12V (12 Volt) 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Gel Battery #5510050
1 x 12V 1300mA 230V Fast Charger for Sealed Lead Acid Batteries #PX2129AZ

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Fastrax King Starter Box 1/8TH With Power Panel

Heavy duty box, features a large 12v motor (as used with hand held units), which can be positioned for almost any configuration chassis, whether the engine is across or in-line. Heavy duty leads for connection to 12v supply. Internal room for small motorcycle 12v battery. Built in power panel for glow start (best used with FAST47). Aluminium folding lid case. Suitable for 1/8th on or off road cars.


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- 6th April 2022

The motor in these is blooming ginormous - it's the size of a can of coke! More than enough power for even the toughest/tightest engine I can throw at it. Make sure to spend some time adjusting it and/or your car to allow a nice firm contact patch on the flywheel. On one of my cars I have filed out the flywheel slot to allow a larger hole for the wheel to fit through - works flawlessly!

- 25th April 2023

The 'manual' is utterly useless in terms of wiring, the diagram they provide bears no resemblance whatsoever to the back of the control panel. I've fed this back to CML when I called them for advice. Might be useful for retailers to put a pdf on their websites showing you what you actually have to do. But otherwise it's good quality!

Looking at buying the FAST555 starter box. Does it come with everything I need in it? As the site seems to be suggesting I need a 240v charger and a 12v battery? Doesn't it have a battery already - and plug in charger for that matter? thanks
Asked by Simon on 12th September 2017

No, this is the box only. You require your choice of battery and charger. We'd run it from a 12v gel cell, as per the combo pack listed.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does this starter box have enough power to start a brand new hyper .21 ? Ive already gone through 2 pull starts which are useless!!
Asked by Kevin on 28th September 2018

Yes, these are "beefy" - and we regularly use to start new engines.

A little tip - if your engine is new and has lots of compression, try starting it with the glow plug half a turn loose - it will make it much easier.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi Ben. It’s me again Allandy. Do you recommend this starter box for a Inferno Neo ST? Does this have a carrying handle for easy transport? Thanks.
Asked by Allandy on 23rd October 2020

Yes this should work well for the Neo.

I don't think they have a strap sorry

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does this come with the guide posts to position the buggy?
Asked by William Watson on 6th March 2021

Yes they have adjustable blocks to suit the chassis

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

I got this starter box for my MP9 TKI4 but the wheel seems too big to go through the chassis to reach the engine flywheel. Does the flywheel need replaced or are there smaller wheels available? Thanks
Asked by David on 19th November 2021

No you may have to enlarge the hole in the chassis so the start wheels can reach the flywheel.

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

Would this work well with a FTX Zorro Nitro?
Asked by Nicholas on 27th December 2021

Yes that should work

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Will this work on a Hobao hyper gt on road? Thanks
Asked by Michael on 8th May 2022

Yes that will work.

Answered by: Steve W @ Wheelspin Models

will this work with a hpi trophy 3.5
Asked by Harry on 12th August 2022

Yes its perfect for that.

Answered by: Steve W @ Wheelspin Models

Hi Hope you can help confirm the suggested glow plug fast 47 is for 1-1.5v. What is the total voltage output on the starter box. Does it step down atall or is the outlet the same voltage as whatever battery setup is used. Trying to workout which glow starter to buy. Thanks
Asked by Richard on 20th August 2022

Yes the power pannel on the front of the starter box has an adjustment screw to reduce the voltage for the glow plug


Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

What motor/motors does this run?????
Asked by Aaron Dennis on 22nd March 2023

That uses this motor FAST556-1

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

Does this starter box work with a hyper 7 TW sport .21? Thanks
Asked by Anthony on 12th April 2023

Yes this will work with that car

Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

hi what battery options is there for this?
Asked by Tom on 21st April 2023

We recommend the combo with the lead acid battery and charger.

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

when using the starter box, if the car is fitted with a roto start or the pull cord, do these need to be removed first?
Asked by Tom on 22nd April 2023

No you can leave the pullstart on or a rotostart backplate.

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

is there one i can use a 3S or 4S lipo with?
Asked by Adam on 2nd May 2023

Not that will start 1/8 buggies this si the best one and run it on lead acid batteries.

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

Hi would it be possible to have the dimensions of the starter? Cheers
Asked by Colwyn Dyar on 2nd May 2023

Approx 330x170x100mm

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

Is there a better battery that would work with this? The one listed runs out of charge quickly
Asked by Thomas on 21st March 2024

That is the only one we recommend.

Answered by: Steve @ Wheelspin Models

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