Spektrum AR636 6 Channel AS3X Sport Receiver

Brand: Spektrum

Part Number: SPMAR636




A new generation of Spektrum™ AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) receivers is about to make it easier than ever for fixed wing pilots to transform their flying experience with this amazing technology. Like their predecessors, they combine AS3X technology with a DSMX® receiver in a single unit. What sets them apart is programming software that makes setup and adjustment of their AS3X settings much easier.

The software’s easy-to-understand, graphical user interface will allow pilots to:
- Select which AS3X mode to fly with: Off, Conventional Rate and Heading Hold
- Activate flaperon/dual aileron, delta/elevon, V-tail or dual elevator mixing
- Take advantage of servo setup options like balancing, travel adjust, absolute limits, reversing and more
- Map output and gain settings for individual channels
- Programming made easy via PC or iOS/Android mobile devices
- Uses AS3X Programming Cable or Audio-Interface AS3X Receiver Programming Cable (sold separately) for programming

In order to activate AS3X technology in a Spektrum AS3X receiver (AR636, AR6335, AR7350 & AR9359), you must program the receiver using the AS3X mobile programming application. Until AS3X is activated, the receiver will operate as a standard DSMX aircraft receiver and will not provide electronic stabilization enhancements.

Spektrum AR636 6 Channel AS3X Sport Receiver Features:

  • Perfect for enthusiasts interested in park flyers up to giant scale aircraft that want to take advantage of AS3X® technology & stabilization
  • AS3X technology—3 axis stabilization
  • 3 gyro modes allow customization of the gyro performance and feel of the aircraft
  • Programmable from mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as PCs—easy setup at home or at the field
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Standard servo connectors
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Compatible with Gas/Nitro applications


Spektrum AR636 6 Channel AS3X Sport Receiver Specfications:

  • Antenna Length: : 200mm
  • Band: : 2.4GHz
  • Flight Log Compatible: : Yes
  • Model Type: : Airplane
  • Modulation: : DSMX,DSM2
  • Range: : Full
  • Resolution: : 2048
  • Telemetry: : Yes
  • Voltage Range: : 3.5-9.6V
  • Brand: Spektrum
  • Part No: SPMAR636
  • Barcode: 605482554739
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Channels: 6 Channel
  • Fitment: Option Part
  • Fitment: Standard Part

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No reviews yet!
Is this compatible with DX6i transmitter?
Asked by Chris Bradburn on 26th April 2018

Yes if your transmitter has a DSMX logo

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is this 636 RX suitable for use with the stabilisation on a AcroWot or Bolero?
Asked by Rob Schwab on 8th July 2018

Yes, the AS3X stabilisation will work in any model.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

I need to replace the receiver in a Hanger 9 8cc with safe technology. Does this receiver have the 3 safe options already programmed in the receiver.
Asked by David Daly on 21st September 2018

You can't buy a standalone receiver with SAFE I'm afraid (as it's model specific).

However, the AR636 has the AS3X stabilisation technology included, which is the basic principle of the SAFE system.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi, Is it possible to plug a battery pack sensor directly into the AR636 without a sensor module being required?
Asked by Leigh Burnett on 28th September 2018

No, you'll need a telemetry module if you want telemetry.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Can SAFE be programmed into this one with the cable
Asked by Chris on 9th October 2018

No. You can only get the SAFE modes on models that came equipped with SAFE receivers.  You can however program all aspects of AS3X stability on this receiver.

There's more info at http://www.spektrumrc.com/Technology/AS3X.aspx

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Are AR6335 and AR636 compatible with DX7 transmitter
Asked by David Smith on 1st December 2018

Yes if your transmitter has a DSM2 or DSMX logo, these will work fine.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Do I need a programming cable? I’ve got a DX9 - dsmx Trans.
Asked by Phil Nixon on 9th December 2018

It will work and bind out the box, but if you want to adjust the settings then yes you will need a program cable.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is this unit affected by vibration, etc from a ic.engine
Asked by Philip Tietz on 24th April 2019

We've used in plenty of IC applications without any issues whatsoever.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

So is this a receiver and the AS3X stabiliser all in 1? As in is this a stabiliser and the receiver put together?
Asked by Mordem on 29th April 2019

Yes, that's correct.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

can you add a satellite receiver to the AR636 AX3S Receiver and if so what would you recommend
Asked by Richard Fellender on 10th July 2019

These won't take a satellite I'm afraid - the xbus port is for data / telemetry etc

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Do you sell the programme blue tooth cabl?
Asked by Bob on 10th August 2019

Yes, the bluetooth programmer is SPMBT1000

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

is this compatable with the Spektrum DX4e transmitter
Asked by Chris Howdle on 10th December 2019

Yes if your transmitter has the DSMX logo it should bind to this no problem.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is the spektrum ar636 receiver A suitable replacement for the 230s blade helicopter ?? Or do I need to get the ar363a receiver For the blade 230s helicopter
Asked by Andrew Norman on 14th May 2020

Yes the AR636 will work in the 230S

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

When will u have stock of this receiver. Many thx Paul ????
Asked by Paul Foster on 14th August 2020

Replaced by AR637 now

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

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