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The glow starter (or glow heater) is a simple spring operated 'battery on a stick' which is used to start your RC car's nitro engine. Clipping the glow starter in place on top of the glow plug causes power to flow through the small coil of wire inside the glow plug. This glow is enough to ignite the fuel when you pull your pullstarter. Once your engine is running, you can remove the glow starter as the engine's natural cycle maintains enough heat in the glow plug to keep the engine running. Be sure to not leave your glow starter clipped on for too long, as the glow plug can cause the battery in the glow starter to run down quite quickly!

Get your car the best start possible with our great selection of RC Car Glow Starters. We have a wide variety of RC Car Glow Starters, with enough power to ensure it can cope with starting any heavy duty or long running application. Make sure not to miss out on our other great ranges of kit, such as our RC Car Glow Plugs and Pullstarts, so you can get on the road or zoom around the track today.

JP Alloy Glow Starter With Meter (No Battery)
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Dubro DB337 Kwik Klip II Glow Clip
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Fastrax Glow Clip With Banana Plugs
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Glow Plug Clip For 12v Input
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1800mAh Glow Starter with Charger
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Remote Glow Clip Extender (No Ground Wire)
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4 Way Glow Plug Wrench (Small)
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Glow Plug Wrench - Large
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ProLux LiPo Glow Starter
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Sky RC Nitro Engine Heater
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