RC Helis / Radio Controlled Helicopters

Wheelspin Models are Europe's largest Model and Hobby superstore and sell a huge range of Radio Controlled (RC) Helicopters. RC Helis or RC Helicopters - you choose the name, but it's the same product! Entry level RC Helis tend to be smaller, contra-rotating models - with two sets of main blades spinning in opposite directions. These are an easy to fly RC Heli, but limited in how manoeuvrable they can be. For more of a challenge take a look at fixed pitch RC Helis, which have a conventional tail rotor. For more advanced pilots, collective pitch RC Helis allow for full 3D flight, and a world of possibilities in terms of aerobatics and more!
Blade 230 S Smart - RTF
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Blade 230 S Smart - BNF Basic
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Blade 330 S - RTF
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Blade 330 S - BNF Basic
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Twister Ninja 250 Heli
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Blade Fusion 360 - SMART BNF Basic with SAFE
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Expected: March 5th
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