Operating our business in a way that cares for the environment has never been more important than it is today. We are committed to continuously learning and developing in this area and wanted to share with you some of the steps we are already taking to play our part. 

We are not claiming to be the world's most environmentally friendly business.  However, we are taking small steps and introducing changes in an attempt to help reduce our footprint on the planet's resources.  This page helps explain a few of them!

Cardboard Re-Use and Recyling

Like any mail order business, we get through a lot of cardboard in order to ensure that your products arrive with you in pristine condition.  We strive to minimise the amount of cardboard we dispose of and will instead re-use any cardboard and other packaging products wherever possible.  Whether that means re-using boxes that products have arrived into our warehouse; or investing in cardboard shredding machines to recycle unusable boxes into useable packaging materials.

When we buy in boxes, we'll always seek to locate "overstock" or redundant cardboard from other suppliers in the first instance - rather than buying "brand new" boxes.  That might mean your package arrives in a box that was printed up for a company selling chocolate biscuits for example!  Rather than these excess boxes simply being shredded or pulped, that "waste" box has had a new lease of life delivering your model parts to you safely!

Greener Delivery Partners

We partner with DPD - one of the UK's leading "green" delivery companies.  Whether it's through electric delivery vans, recycled DPD "pizza box" packaging, or using their app to reduce missed deliveries and wasted fuel, we feel that DPD are offering a great service whilst helping to reduce environmental impact and we're pleased to be their partner.

For more info on how DPD are aiming to be the greenest delivery company on the planet, please check out their website at