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Welcome to Wheelspin Models UK, your ultimate destination for top-notch RC car fuel filler bottles! Discover an impressive assortment of fuel filler bottles specially designed for radio-controlled cars, ensuring smooth and hassle-free refueling during intense racing sessions.

Fuel bottles are soft squeezy plastic bottles, designed to make it easier to get the nitro fuel from your big bottle into the small tank on your RC nitro car. Most have an aluminium spout with a small bend, desinged to allow ease of access for filling the tank on your RC nitro car. Our extensive collection boasts a variety of fuel filler bottles, catering to different RC car models and brands. Whether you're a casual hobbyist or a seasoned RC enthusiast, we have the perfect solution to meet your refueling needs. With precision engineering and durable materials, our fuel filler bottles guarantee leak-free and efficient performance.

At Wheelspin Models UK, we're committed to providing exceptional customer service and fast shipping, so you can enjoy your RC car to the fullest without any delays. Shop with confidence and take your radio-controlled car adventures to new heights with our top-quality fuel filler bottles and accessories.

Traxxas Pro Fuel Filler Bottle (500cc)
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HPI Fuel Bottle 500Cc
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Expected: June 13th
Hudy Fuel Bottle
Hudy Fuel Bottle


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Dynamite Fast Fill Fuel Bottle 500cc
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Fastrax Team Fuel Gun
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Arrowmax 500ml Race Fuel Bottle
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