Large Scale RC Car Servos

Explore a premium selection of servos for large scale radio-controlled cars at Wheelspin Models UK. Elevate your RC car's performance and precision with our range of top-notch servos, designed to meet the demands of hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Discover cutting-edge servo technology, providing superior control and responsiveness on the track. From reliable brands to various torque and speed options, find the perfect match for your RC car.

Experience the thrill of precision handling and improved maneuverability with our high-performance servos. Shop now and enjoy fast shipping and exceptional customer service, only at Wheelspin Models UK.

Savox SW0241MG+ Jumbo Waterproof High Voltage Servo - 40KG - 0.17s
Shadow Stock
Hitec HS755MG Quarter Scale Metal Gear Servo
Shadow Stock
Hitec HS805BB Mega Quarter Scale Servo
Shadow Stock
Hitec HS5765MH Digital Mega Torque Quarter Scale Servo
Out Of Stock
Expected: May 15th
Hitec D845WP WV Mega Scale Torque
In Stock
HS1005SGT High Voltage Ultra Giant Servo
Shadow Stock
HS1100WP High Voltage Waterproof Giant Servo
Out Of Stock
Expected: May 30th
Power HD WH-65KG Servo - 65Kg - 0.15s
In Stock
HPI SFL-30MG Large Scale Digital High Torque Servo
Shadow Stock
HPI SFL-11MG Large Scale Servo
Shadow Stock
Spektrum S9120BL 1:5 Torque Metal Large Scale Servo
Out Of Stock
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