Large Scale Tyres

Desert Buster Radial Tire HD Comp 190x60mm (2Pcs)
Special Order
Desert Buster Arrow Tire HD Comp 190x70mm (2Pcs)
Special Order
HB RODEOO TIRE (Blue/Baja 5T/Front/2pcs)
Special Order
HB RODEOO TIRE (White/Baja 5T/Rear/2pcs)
Special Order
Losi 5IVE-T Nomad Tyres - 1 Pair - Firm
Shadow Stock
ProLine Trencher Rear Tyre - Fits HPI Baja 5T - Pair
Out Of Stock
Expected: November 22nd
F1 Black Power C Rr Tyres Ins (Pk2) ** CLEARANCE **
In Stock
FG Baja Tyres M Wide W/Inserts (Pk2)
Shadow Stock
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