RC Car Body Painting Tools

Body reamers, curved scissors, heat tape and body post marking tools. Don't even attempt painting your new RC car bodyshell without the correct rc body tools! Body reamers are super sharp graduated hole cutters, perfect for cutting body post holes and much neater and easier than using a drill. Curved sicssors are indispensable for trimming rc bodyshell wheel arches, and body post markers make it easy to find where to ream your body post holes.
HPI Pro Series Body Reamer
In Stock
Hudy Body Reamer - 0-18mm
Shadow Stock
Dynamite Pro Super Duty Tapered Body Reamer
Supplier Stock
Fastrax Curved Lexan Bodyshell Shears / Scissors
Out Of Stock
Expected: July 18th
Fast Finish Spray Gun Holder
In Stock
Fastrax Alloy Knife Edge Body Reamer
In Stock
PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit
Shadow Stock
Protoform Better Edge System Drum (Fits Dremel Type Tools)
Out Of Stock
Expected: July 19th
Protoform Better Edge System - Replacement Sanding Drum (2)
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Expected: July 19th
Reamer With End Cap For Lexan Body
Shadow Stock
Compass Cutter w/6 x Spare Blades
Out Of Stock
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