Maverick DesertWolf

Maverick DesertWolf

Brand: Maverick

Part Number: MV12901

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From the minds at Maverick comes the awesome DesertWolf 4WD buggy, a fun, fast and durable car you can take anywhere! Using a modern & lightweight design and the most powerful electronics we can fit in the chassis, the DesertWolf has been created from the ground up for low weight, high power and maximum toughness. With the newest advances in racing-style suspension and super-strong materials, the DesertWolf is a no-compromise, extra-tough and extra-fast buggy that is equally at home at any bashing area or your local track.

The all-new Wolf range from Maverick merges the latest short course race buggy design, light weight and extra-powerful electronics to give you loads of fun! The DesertWolf is fitted with powerful electronics such as a 4000Kv brushless motor and waterproof 3S capable speed controller that combine to give you amazing acceleration and top speed!

The DesertWolfs durable 4WD shaft drivetrain is equipped with 3 diffs: one at the front, rear and middle of the chassis, all equipped with strong metal gears to handle the power from the motor. All of the drivetrain components rotate on sealed ball bearings, and the DesertWolf features universal driveshafts at the front for extra efficiency. A waterproof, 3S capable speed controller powers the 4000Kv brushless motor, and the receiver rests within a water-resistant box for protection from the elements.

The suspension has been designed from the ground up just for the Maverick Wolf series. Its derived from race-proven designs and made from the strongest material available, so its tough and reliable on any type of terrain, whether youre blasting down a trail, hitting the jumps or even driving on a racetrack!

The DesertWolf definitely looks the part of a racing buggy, too - a large racing wing provides downforce at the rear, subtly anodized shock towers secure threaded shock absorbers in place and 7-spoke twist-style wheels are wrapped with chunky racing tires for supreme ground control. Topping off the DesertWolf is the worlds first reversible racing buggy body! You can now choose to have a sleek traditional style buggy body with an aerodynamic cockpit or a modern cab-forward body for more front downforce - all you have to do is turn the body around to completely change the look of the car!

The Maverick DesertWolf 4WD buggy: beautiful, tough and deadly!

Maverick DesertWolf Features:

  • Ultra-strong two piece aluminum / plastic tub chassis combo
  • 4WD 3-All metal differential drivetrain
  • Aluminum motor mount
  • ESC anti-vibration mounting plate
  • Front universal joint driveshafts
  • Captured axle pins
  • Stand up or laydown steering servo mounting options
  • Built in wire routing and cable tidies
  • 3mm aluminum shock towers
  • Enclosed water resistant radio box
  • Waterproof 80A Brushless ESC – 2S or 3S capable
  • Waterproof 4000Kv Brushless Motor
  • 9Kg metal geared steering servo
  • 2.4 GHz radio system with NEW water-resistant receiver design
  • Heavy duty front and rear chassis bracing
  • LiPo-ready battery holder
  • Long stroke oil-filled shocks
  • Hex hardware all round
  • 35% lighter than a traditional 1:8th Scale electric buggy!
  • Brand: Maverick
  • Part No: MV12901
  • Scale: 1:8
  • Build Level: Assembled (RTR)
  • Vehicle Type: Buggy
  • Power Source: Electric - Brushless
  • Surface Type: Off Road

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Can you please confirm what battery is best suited for the desert wolf? I have another car which uses a 2 cell, 50c, 7.4V 5200mAh battery, would this battery also be suitable for this desert wolf?
Asked by Ben Street on 16th September 2016

You can use either 2S or 3S LiPo batteries in the DesertWolf. So yes, your 2S 50C pack sounds like it word would fine. However you could get faster speeds using a 2S pack.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is it Ready to Run?
Asked by Ben Denham on 23rd September 2016

Yes, ready to run with all radio gear and electronics - just add your choice of battery and charger or choose one of our combo packs.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi if running a 3s battery do I need a 12v fan ?
Asked by Paul Mack on 14th October 2016

Yes, if powering it from the ESC as the stock fan is rated for around 5 volts.

Or, you could run the stock fan from a spare plug on the receiver (as your receiver will output around 6v).

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Can you tell me what are the minimum and maximum lipo packs that can be used with this car and any additional hardware needed. I already see a question about a cooling fan and 2/3S packs. What about mAh size and pack C ratings needed? Thanks in advance.
Asked by Mark Huxford on 11th June 2017

This will run on either 2S or 3S LiPo batteries.

If using 3S packs, we recommend running a 12v rated fan or run the stock fan from the receiver, rather than the ESC output.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What would it compare speed wise to a traxxas bandit xl-5?
Asked by Nathan on 4th August 2017

This should be a little quicker than a Bandit XL-5 as the DesertWolf is brushless.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

How fast will it go on 3s?
Asked by Nathan Adams on 20th August 2017

The Wolf will reach around 50mph, depending on gearing and terrain.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

How long does the Orion HPI Flux LiPo - 3200mAh - 11.1v 3S battery last for
Asked by James on 25th October 2017

Around 20 minutes or so, depending on your driving style.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Please can you tell me how fast will this car go on a 2 cell battery
Asked by Matthew on 27th October 2017

Around 35mph or so.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

what is the battery connection, is it a t-plug
Asked by Jake on 27th October 2017

Yes, these are deans connectors.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

looking For a Good basher, is this any good?
Asked by Bigshek74 on 3rd November 2017

Absolutely!  Good spec for a good price, and backed up by HPI/Maverick.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi do I need to purchase anything else to get this to run on 3s
Asked by Dave on 19th February 2018

No, however the ESC fan is only rated for 2S out the box, so you would need to either change the fan for a 12v version, or simply change the plug to a futaba plug and plug it into the receiver rather than the ESC.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Could a 12v rated fan be fitted and added to the purchase price so I can run 3s batteries?
Asked by Paul Carroll on 6th November 2018

Yes, if you fit a 12v fan you can run 3S no problem.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What is the range of this product? How long will it run for? What batteries does it take? Does it come with batteries and charger?
Asked by Zak Gifford on 3rd March 2019

Range isn't quoted, but any modern radio system should be at least 500m or so.

Runtime on say 4000mah batteries would be around 25 mins or so.

This takes 3S LiPo packs with a deans connector - we have several options listed in our combo pack.

No, it does not come with battery/charger as standard, but again - take a look at our combo packs for some options :-)


Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

hi how much are the batterys for this car
Asked by James on 17th June 2019

That depends what you go for - but we do list several combo packs on this vehicle with a choice of compatible batteries and charger.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

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