Maverick Strada DC Drift

Maverick Strada DC Drift

Brand: Maverick

Part Number: MV12618

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Add a spare battery with great capacity for boosted runtimes.

1 x EP Super Duty 3000mAh NiMh Stick Pack - 7.2v - Tamiya Connector #SCH-EP3000S

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Looking for a step up from the basic package? Why not take a larger capacity battery coupled with a fast charger.

1 x eTronix Power Pal Peak Detect NiMh Fast Charger - Mains/12v Input #ET0208
1 x EP Super Duty 3000mAh NiMh Stick Pack - 7.2v - Tamiya Connector #SCH-EP3000S

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Want longer run time and a super quick charge - look no further than this combo package, supplied with TWO of our best batteries and a fast charger!

1 x eTronix Power Pal Peak Detect NiMh Fast Charger - Mains/12v Input #ET0208
2 x HPI 7.2v NiMh Stick Pack - 5000mAh - Tamiya Connector #HPI-160152

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For ultimate on-road style and attitude, there's no beating drifting! With the Strada DC, you get a powerful 4WD touring car chassis with a shaft drivetrain, fully tunable racing suspension and locked rear diff for true drifting action! Topped with an import-style bodyshell and huge rear wing, this car gives you ultimate street style for real sideways action!

The Strada DC features a moulded tub chassis that provides durability and a stable and tough platform for a strong 4WD shaft drivetrain. Pre-built oil-filled shock absorbers and dual-wishbone independent suspension front and rear, give you supreme confidence on all driving surfaces. The MS-22 servo controls the steering through a dual-point steering system that features an integrated servo saver to protect the servo against crash damage.

The Strada 4WD drivetrain uses efficient ball bearings throughout to give drivers maximum runtime and efficiency, and features a molded gear cover to keep dirt and debris away from the gears. Front and rear gear differentials easily transfer the motor's power to the pre-mounted tires at all four corners.

Maverick Strada DC Kit Features:

  • MM-22 powerful 540 motor
  • MSC-30BR-WP forward/reverse waterproof speed control with 12-turn brushed motor limit
  • MBP-22 1800mAh Ni-MH battery included with Tamiya battery plug
  • MS-22 high-strength steering servo
  • MTX/MRX-243 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver with built-in failsafe
  • Moulded tub chassis with optimised weight distribution
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Battery strap will accept both stick packs and side-by-side cells
  • 4 oil-filled rebuildable shocks with coil-over springs
  • Aluminum gold anodised shock tops
  • Fully independent double wishbone suspension
  • Tough C-hub front steering knuckles
  • Tough efficient 4wd shaft drive train
  • Fully ballraced drive train
  • Aluminum gold anodised upper deck
  • Aluminum gold anodised lightweight centre shaft
  • Pre-cut body factory-finished
  • Fully adjustable turnbuckles all round
  • Front and rear moulded bumpers
  • Twin-point steering with integrated servo saver
  • Aluminum gold anodised motor heatsink
  • Moulded protective gear cover


  • 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH battery stick pack
  • Multi-region wall battery charger

Items Required:

  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Brand: Maverick
  • Part No: MV12618
  • Barcode: 5050864020770
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Build Level: Assembled (RTR)
  • Vehicle Type: Drift Car
  • Power Source: Electric - Brushed
  • Surface Type: On Road

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No reviews yet!
Does it come with the remote controller? I only ask because i was looking on a site earlier and it said i had to buy them seperatly!
Asked by Conner on 4th November 2016

Yes, this is Ready to Run with battery, charger, transmitter, etc - all ready to go!

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi I'm buying for my brother for his birthday as an entry level dc drift car. Is this car upgradeable(i.e. Motor suspension etc.) as no doubt he will want to modifying it after he has had it a while. Thanks Oli
Asked by Oliver Meeson on 1st January 2017
Yes, this takes standard size motors and electronics so you could upgrade these items if you wish.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

can i have the length of this car, also how fast can it go
Asked by Dylan on 17th March 2017
Length is 470mm. Top speed is around 20mph or so

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What body size does this chassis run?
Asked by Brandon Brown on 29th May 2017

This takes 200mm bodies.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

This RC drift car, can you get it on different, frequencies as my brother has the bazai genjy red one and his is on 2.4ghz so we can't use one on the same frequency but looking at the same price
Asked by Ben Holden on 14th August 2017

These will work together without any issue.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi, how long can you use this car on a full battery?
Asked by Pav on 1st September 2017

The stock battery will give a runtime of around 15 mins or so.

Higher capacity 5000mah batteries should give 30+ minutes.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Are the wheel rubber or plastic
Asked by Liam Burton on 19th November 2017

The wheels are plastic. The tyres are drift spec, so very hard plastic type.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hello, can i use a 2S 5000mAh LIPO battery for the car ?
Asked by Tristan on 1st October 2018

Yes, you can run 2S LiPo in these if you wish.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does this car come built or need building at home
Asked by Leon on 24th December 2018

This is pre built, ready to go!

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

I’m thinking on buying this drift spec car but unsure if it will be a good drift car can you tell me why I should buy it and is there a better car to buy
Asked by Leon on 27th December 2018

Of course there are better cars out there, but costing several hundred pounds more...

For the money, these are a great buy and you will not be disappointed. 

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What size and offset are the wheels and tires?
Asked by Steven on 6th June 2019

They are standard 2.2 inch touring car wheels. 

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What will i need to change/modify to run lipo batteries in this?
Asked by Ian Trigg on 21st December 2019

Just pop the ESC into LiPo mode and that's it :-)

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What size pinion(teeth number) does this car come supplied with? Spares show everything from 13t up to 27t?
Asked by Luke Brown on 4th August 2020

The manual shows the stock pinion as MV22699 23 teeth

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

how long is the battery life on this model?
Asked by George on 11th January 2021

I'd say you should get about 30 mins drifting with this battery . 

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

What more powerful motor would you recommend to put in it
Asked by Hayden on 18th January 2021

You could look at say 2120002 or HW38010205 for a brushless setup 

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does this come with adjustable suspension and lockable diff?
Asked by Toby on 27th January 2021

These have a locked rear diff.

Yes the shocks are oil filled and adjustable

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

whats the biggest battery this can work with
Asked by Harrison on 15th March 2021

These can run a 2S LiPo - you can easily get around 5000mah + in a lipo

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Im would like to buy a drift car for a newbie what would you recommend
Asked by Mark Bridgland on 12th November 2021

We would say got for the FTX Banzai this is what we used here and loved it . 

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

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