GMade R1 RTR

GMade R1 RTR

Brand: GMade

Part Number: GM51011

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1 x Voltz 3000mAh NiMh Stick Pack - 7.2v - Deans Connector #VZ0015D

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1 x eTronix PowerPal EZ-4 50W LiPo Charger #ET0225

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The R1 Rock Buggy is a shaft driven crawler that replicates the look of a high performance rock buggy, and delivers performance that makes it a capable scale recreation of the real thing. The molded composite tube frame features an incredibly realistic appearance, and red pre painted body panels. But this design does more than look the part, it provides protection to your electronics, and keeps everything safe when you tumble down the rocks.

Other notable features include tough universal slider shafts that deliver the power from the transmission to the unique 'Portal' high clearance front and rear axles. Plus, with a fully sealed transmission, the awesome G-transition shocks, and standard 2.2 size wheels, the Gmade R1 is destined to become a standard in the world of rock racing crawlers.

This version of the Gmade R1 is sold in ARTR format (requires electrics).


R1 Tube Chassis

The one-piece graphite axle housing is made of high strength plastic for maximum durability and easy maintenance. Inside, both front and rear axles have solid differential gears to provide a stronger driving force in any driving conditions. The gears are protected by a glossy metal cover for added scale realism.



R1 Drive Train

Portal axles simply mean the drive axles are above the center of the wheels. This gives theR1 greater ground clearance beneath the axles than other trucks using the same tyres.

The R1 portal gear offers high ground clearance and can reduce speed



R1 Transmission

The perfectly sealed R1 transmission is dust proof. Full ball bearings are placed at all axis of the gears. You can also adjust the gear mesh backlash exactly the way you want because the motor mount cap can be opened and closed for you to see in.



R1 G-Transition Shock Absorber

The G-Transition shock settings can be changed to suit your driving style, courses and terrain, these can be setup to run in Droop or Sprung suspension setup. This can greatly upgrade your driving performance. You can set up to run in Droop or Sprung suspension setup


Gmade R1 Features:

  • Ready to run
  • Gmade 2.4 Ghz radio system
  • RS-540 27T motor
  • Brushed E042Aelectronic speed controller
  • High torque S12321 standard servo
  • Realistic tube chassis
  • Portal axles
  • Portal gears
  • Sealed dust proof transmission
  • Full ball bearings on all of the gears
  • G-Transition Shock absorbers
  • 2.2" GT beadlock wheels
  • Super soft Bighorn tyres
  • Body panels and decals

Spec Check:

  • Width: 290mm (11.4 inch)
  • Height: 190mm (7.5 inch)
  • Length: 440mm (17.3 inch)
  • Wheelbase: 310mm (12.2 inch)
  • Wheels: 56mm (2.2 inch) Dual side beedlock wheels
  • Tyre Height: 136mm (5.3 inch)
  • Tyre Width: 59mm (2.3 inch)
  • Tyre Inner Diameter: 56mm (2.2 inch)
  • Axle Ground Clearance: 55mm (2.2 inch)
  • Center Ground Clearance (Droop Set-up): 75mm (3 inch)
  • Center Ground Clearance (Sprung Set-up): 95mm (3.7 inch)

2.2 inch Bighorn Tyre

The Bighorn tyre is made of a super soft compound which is designed to provide high grip over all kinds of terrain. The large diameter enables it to run smoothly on uneven road surfaces and with large deep lugs provides exceptional traction over rock, mud, and dirt.


Tyre Spec:

  • Tyre Height: 136mm(5.3")
  • Tyre Width: 59mm(2.3")
  • Inner Diameter: 56mm(2.2")


Required for completion: Battery pack & compatible battery charger & AA batteries.


  • Brand: GMade
  • Part No: GM51011
  • Barcode: 8809366575762
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Build Level: Assembled (RTR)
  • Power Source: Electric - Brushed
  • Surface Type: Off Road
  • Vehicle Type: Rock Crawler

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Does this come with *all* the electronics
Asked by Ben Weetman on 12th April 2018

Yes, comes complete with motor, ESC, radio gear, etc - you just require battery and charger to complete.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does the g made r1 come with a controller?
Asked by Richard on 20th May 2018

Yes, this model is RTR so includes radio gear.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

how long does charge last ?
Asked by Jac on 18th August 2018

This doesn't come with battery or charger, so that would depend what you spec to go with it.  However, as a rough guide we'd expect around 25+ mins crawling on a 3000mah pack, or 40+ mins on a 5000mah

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What battery connector does this use as one of the the bundles show an adapter
Asked by Andrew on 2nd July 2019

These are on deans

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is this car comfortable with big jumps?
Asked by Mason on 15th September 2019

It's more of a crawler, so designed for slower speeds. However yes it would also handle jumps.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

will it run 2s lipo
Asked by Martyn on 20th January 2022

Yes this will run on a 2s lipo

Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

Hi what would be the best esc motor upgrade for this
Asked by Chris on 26th June 2022

You can look at a few options

If you wanted to stay brushed something like this Z-E0041

or if you wanted to go brushless




Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

Hi can I run 7.4v through the standard receiver or would I need to upgrade
Asked by Chris on 5th July 2022

Yes, you can run 7.4v

Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

Hi have they stopped making parts for this or will stuff be coming back in stock
Asked by Chris on 17th July 2022

This is still a current model so spares will be available just waiting for stock at this time

Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

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