#KB11 - Cars - Nitro, Electric or Petrol? Which to choose?

Updated 2015-11-23 by Ben

So, the big question? What are you going to choose? A nitro or petrol fire breathing beast, or a quick and quiet electric model?

A few years ago, the decision was pretty straightforward lectric cars were generally pretty limited in terms of run time and speed, but cheaper to buy.  Nitro was the winner - quicker but more expensive.

These days, the tables have turned.  The fastest RC cars we sell are no longer nitro, but brushless electric beasts.  Huge increases in motor and battery technology (specifically LiPo batteries and brushless motors) have paved the way for electric RC cars to easily outsell their nitro counterparts.  

Nitro is still here to stay, but  as perhaps more of an "ethusiasts" product, as electric is definitely the winner in terms of ease of use.  If you like the smell of fuel and don't mind getting your hands dirty, or have a real interest in mechanics and engines then nitro is probably still the choice for you.

If a tight budget is your consideration, and maximum speed is your goal then nitro may also work out better here.  Even basic nitro RC cars are capable of around 40Mph+, which is much quicker than a brushed electric equivalent.   

A good electric car isn't a cheap option though, with a decent branded brushless vehicle still costing at least a couple of hundred pounds, plus LiPo batteries.  A LiPo powered brushless RC car should beat most nitro cars in terms of speed and ease of use - you simply can't get much easier than "plug it in and away you go".  

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