FTX Carnage Brushless

FTX Carnage Brushless

Brand: FTX

Part Number: FTX5543

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Get ready for some serious off road truggy action with the Brushless Edition FTX Carnage. Taking backyard bashing to a new level, the Carnage Brushless boasts some amazing features for the ultimate ‘Ready-to-Run’ experience.

Etronix provide crystal free 2.4ghz control with the EX2 Sport radio. In addition the Etronix Photon sensorless brushless system is installed to provide some low maintenance, high performance speed and power. 

Instead of using a NiMh battery, FTX decided to include a Voltz hardcase LiPo battery to get the very best from the Photon system, but with safety in mind included is a balance charger and LiPo charge sack. Infact all you need to add is AA batteries for the transmitter.

The 4wd shaft drivetrain features metal diff gears and front universal driveshafts, while an integrated slipper helps protect the drive from possible damage. With adjustable turn- buckles all round and large bore oil filled shock absorbers the Carnage is raring to go.

In addition if you want to tune and upgrade your Carnage, FTX provide a wide range of car- bon and aluminium upgrades that will bring your ride up to a whole new pro level.

FTX Carnage Brushless Features:
  • Ready to run
  • Etronix EX2 Sport 2.4ghz radio
  • Etronix 60Amp Photon sensorless brushless speed control
  • Etronix 3930KV sensorless brushless motor
  • Voltz 2700mah 7.4v 25c Hard Case LiPo Included!
  • Etronix Pocket Balance charger included!
  • Big bore oil filled adjustable shocks
  • Gearbox metal crown & pinion gear
  • Front universal driveshafts
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Fully adjustable suspension including, droop, [*]camber, toe-in, wheelbase etc
  • Slipper for drivetrain damage protection
  • Voltz LiPo charge sack
  • Race designed low profile pre-painted bodyshell
  • Chassis accepts NiMh or LiPo battery
  • 3kg steering servo
  • Moulded tub chassis body
  • 4wd shaft drive with slipper system
  • Unique gearbox design for low CG
  • Lightweight high impact arms
  • Wide range of option parts available
FTX Carnage Brushless Specification:
  • Length: 415mm
  • Width: 328mm
  • Heigh: 156mm
  • Wheelbase: 290/295mm
  • Tyre: ø 120 x 60mm
  • Gear Ratio: 11.2:1
  • Brand: FTX
  • Part No: FTX5543
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Build Level: Assembled (RTR)
  • Power Source: Electric - Brushless
  • Surface Type: Off Road
  • Vehicle Type: Truggy

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Tom - 28th March 2016

The ftx carnage is worth the money, the only thing I don't like about it, is the body, it cracked with in 15 minutes of use, it is poorly made and I am annoyed as I now have to buy another also the front of the body catches on the front springs which is very irritating , this isn't a big issue but the stickers are applied roughly as if they where rushed and the wing at the back has been placed incorrectly these arent major issues but I would have liked them to be a least correct as I payed £194 for this product, this vehicle is perfect for someone who has already had their first beginners rc and are ready to move on to some thing a bit more ** exciting **, I would not recommend you buy this product as your first rc as it is extremely fast and you might end up crashing and breaking it, I am also happy that it included the 3250mah lipo battery and wall charger, this rc is very capable and would get through lots of different terrains including steep hills, mud, rocks, even long grass and much more, the battery takes about 4 hours to charge and you get 20-30 minutes run time (not using full speed for the 20-30 minutes) I'm not sure how fast this goes but by looking at it, it looks like it's going about 40-50 mph , I could be completely wrong but that's how fast I think it goes (lots of fun) the features on this product are very good, strong chassis, good articulation, amazing shocks, good steering, and all the other parts are very strong, I have flipped, crashed, rolled this vehicle and nothing has broken( except for the body) overall I give the ftx carnage a 4-5 stars, if the body was better made I would easily give it a 5 stars this vehicle is truly amazing and lots of fun and not a cheap build (again except for the body)

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How fast is it?
Asked by Jarred on 12th November 2016

FTX don't quote a top speed, but we estimate around 35-40mph.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What is the maximum battery size that would fit in this car? e.g. W x H x L
Asked by Henry on 5th December 2016

These take a 'standard' sized battery pack. So for example, around 140 x 46 x 25mm 

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is this waterproof?
Asked by Ian Beavis on 29th May 2017

No, these are not advertised as waterproof.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

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