Hobbywing EZRUN MAX8 ESC Combo With 2200kv 4274SL Motor - XT90 Connector

Hobbywing EZRUN MAX8 ESC Combo With 2200kv 4274SL Motor - XT90 Connector

Brand: Hobbywing

Part Number: HW38010400

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The MAX8 ESC provides the optimal upgrade solution for many popular 1/8th scale monster trucks like TRAXXAS E-REVO & E-MAXX, HPI SAVAGE, and THUNDER TIGER E-MAT. It’s also applicable to other trucks and buggies. The whole ESC except the cooling fan is basically maintenance free. Besides, the fan has also adopted the special anti-shock design, reduced damage brought by frequent jumps of the vehicle, greatly reduced maintenance work to the fan.

Reliable hardware combined with advanced software allows the ESC to not only provide extremely high output but also protect itself timely from damages caused by overload. It significantly reduces the possibility of getting damaged by heavy load and improves the reliability and durability.

The ESC has strong outbreak and stable output, so vehicle can do different moves without a problem, no matter aggressive start-up and wheelie, 720-degree flip (note 1), high speed running on straight tracks or flying over slopes. It always provide the power more than sufficient. Besides, driver can adjust relevant parameters for smooth and soft start-up.

The world’s 1st 1/8th scale ESC adopted the super built-in BEC with the max. output current of up to 15A and switchable output voltage (6V/7.4V). It can drive different servos, high voltage servos at ease and bring amazing control feel to drivers. The electronic switch with the lifespan of over 50000 times of switching on & off features a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design, completely solved problems like stuck reed and rust contact points caused by dust and moisture, switching off automatically caused by violent dash (like landing after flying over slopes) conventional mechanical switches often have.

Outstanding waterproof and dust-proof capability makes the MAX8 applicable to all weather conditions, no matter the track is covered with dust, gravel, snow or puddles.

HobbyWing EzRun MAX8 V3 Features:

  • High Reliability & Durability
  • Great Flexibility & Versatility
  • Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch
  • Applicable to All Weather Conditions
  • Super Built-in BEC
  • Plug and Play
  • Almost Maintenance Free

ESC Spec Check:

  • Scale: 1/8th
  • Brushed/Brushless:BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless: SL
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Cont./Peak Current: 150A/950A
  • Input: 3-6S LiPo/9-18 Cells NiMH
  • BEC Output: Switch Mode:6V/7.4V,6A
  • Input Wires: Red-10AWG-200mm*1/Red-10AWG-150mm*1/Black-10AWG-150mm*1
  • Output Wires: Black-10AWG-200mm*3
  • Input Connectors: XT90
  • Output Connecotors: 6.5mm Famale Gold Connectors (pre-soldered onto the PCB)
  • Fan Size: 30.0x30.0x10.0mm
  • Fan Voltage Range: 5-7.4V
  • WiFi Module: Supported
  • Program Port: FAN/Program Port
  • Size: 59.8x48.0x36.8mm
  • Weight: 174g

The 4 pole design of the EzRun 4274 will guarantee the motor to produce very large amounts of torque, a much faster acceleration response and a very stable output of power to the drivetrain.

Hobbywing’s temperature control technology has been designed to protect the motor from being damaged by heat thus less heat more efficient the motor will run and perform. The output performance of this motor has an efficiency rate of up to 90% meaning that if the energy consumption of the motor is at 1000 watts your guaranteed that 900 watt of that power will be available and no less

The motor housing is made from hard anodized aluminum, motor windings are wound from pure oxygen-free double insulated copper wire, the advanced rotor structure is designed to handle high temperature from the use of rare earth magnets, output shaft from high quality polished alloy steel and the imported bearings which are implemented are high precision metal caged for a minimum to zero friction which in turn will guarantee strength, outstanding performance, high durability and smoothness of the motor.

This motor can also provide a powerful upgrade solution for all popular 1/8th scale monster trucks such as TRAXXAS E-REVO, E-MAXX, HPI SAVAGE, and THUNDER TIGER E-MAT plus other trucks and buggies.

HobbyWing EzRun 4274SL G2 Features:

  • High Torque
  • High Efficiency
  • Solid Construction
  • Quality Materials & Excellent Design

Spec Check:

  • Scale: 1/8th
  • Brushed/Brushless: BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless: SL
  • Pole Count: 4
  • KV Rating: 2200
  • LiPo Cells: 2-6S
  • No-load Current(A): 5
  • O.D.(mm): 42.0
  • Length (mm): 74.0
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 5.0
  • Weight (g): 418


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- 16th March 2019

Anyone who buys this for hobao mt I have found the a 17t pinion and 32t spur works perfect 16t the motor gets a little warm and a 18t it starts to get fairly warm to hot after a while if you have a cooler (castle creations) on it it should be fine but wouldn't recomend it 17t I have found is the sweet spot (2200kv motor) for tempreture and power it's an amazing bundle overall for the price plenty of power for a 1/8 Truck lots of fun just need another set of battery's as have so much fun and get decent run times verry happy

- 1st May 2020

amazing fitted this in to an old school rex-x with a bit of tinkering here and there and a 3s lipo this thing pops faster then the old nitro it ust to be big thanks..

- 3rd November 2021

Hi haven’t seen this question yet, so can I run 2x 2s lipo batts? As I have a good few of these batts, tia

Can you use 2 x 3s lipos with this if you use a 1 in to 2 Deans harness? Regards
Asked by Stuart Baxter on 10th July 2017

Yes, this can handle upto 6S, so 2 x 3S packs in series will be OK.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Could I fit this in a traxxas bandit?
Asked by Nathan on 24th October 2017

Not directly, this is a 1:8 scale system so will be too large.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Would this be ok for Hobao Hyper VS?
Asked by Daniel on 4th June 2018

Yes, that would be OK for that vehicle.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

does this include the program card ?>
Asked by Gary on 16th June 2018

Yes I beleive so.

They are also WIFI compatible.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

I deans sono 2 in uscita esc? Per poterci collegare già 2 lipo 3s
Asked by Giuseppe on 6th September 2018

It includes 2 deans connectors

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What kv is this bundle and does it include a program card and would it be good for the hobao mt as converting it to electric
Asked by Andrew Robinson on 14th November 2018

This is a 2200kv motor.

Yes, it includes program card.



Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Do you have the 2000kv version of this bundle and would it be any good for the hobao mt with 14 tooth pinion or would the 2200kv be alright
Asked by Andrew Robinson on 15th November 2018

At time of writing, it doesn't look like Hobbywing offer this as a combo with 2000kv motor sorry.

The 2200kv should however be fine in that truck.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Would this fit a 1/5 scale redcat rampage? Cheers
Asked by Ryan on 20th November 2018

We don't sell that car, so can't really advise fully... However this is a 1:8 scale system, you sound like you'd want a 1:5 scale system

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

If you put a loop in one of the connectors can you run off just 1 4s or 6s battery or does it have to be 2 batteries
Asked by Daniel Robinson on 12th February 2019

No you can run a single 4S or 6S if you wish.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi dose this already have the connectors to run 2 3s packs or do i need to get a separet cable.
Asked by Dan on 8th May 2019

Yes it includes 2 x deans connectors. Ideal for running 2 x 3S packs.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Can you supply this with EC5 connectors
Asked by Aiden on 6th December 2019

You would ideally need an adaptor to allow this to work , as you would not want to void the warranty. 

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

Do you stock these in store for collection?
Asked by Christopher Russell on 31st December 2019

Yes. Feel free to pop an order through and choose "instore collect" at checkout.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Will this motor fit my TT02?
Asked by Paul Atkinson on 27th February 2020

No sorry, it's a 1:8 size motor

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Will this fit the kyosho scorpion xxl kit and if not could you suggest what would?
Asked by Daniel M on 22nd April 2020

Yes that should fit

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

will this fit into the Arrma Typhon 3s blx
Asked by Shaun Smith on 2nd August 2020

No this is a 1:8 system, you'd need a 1:10 scale system

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Would this be a good upgrade on a typhon 6s
Asked by Mark Evans on 19th August 2020

Yes that would work nicely in there

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

would this work well with a mojave/kraton exb?
Asked by Alexander Ocarroll on 3rd December 2020

Yes these will fit in the EXB's

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What battery plug are on is it xt90
Asked by Kev on 27th December 2020

Yes these are xT90

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi what 6s battery's do you recommend for this sys
Asked by Kallum on 1st February 2021

The # OL-2577XT90 or O-GC3S6500-60X9 or O-GC3S4500-40X9 work well

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi does this come with 2 x xt90 connectors or 1
Asked by Daniel Ward on 6th February 2021

Dual connectors on the last batch that we had in :-)

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

HobbyWing EzRun MAX8 V3 is the motor fully waterproof?
Asked by Adrian on 13th February 2021

The motors are inherently fine underwater. But just bear in mind additional maintenance will be required to prevent rust etc

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

How much faster would this make an E Revo 2.0 with stock power system?
Asked by Stuart Fletcher on 24th February 2021

This will be similar to the Traxxas 6S system

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

What would be better x2 3s or x1 6s running in a converted Protech RS 1/6
Asked by Neal Rhodes on 14th March 2021

Either will work - we tend to prefer 2 x 3S for ease of use

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Can I just plug and go with one 4S or do I need a specific connector to run a single lipo?
Asked by Clarence on 29th March 2021

These have twin XT90 connectors fitted, so you would just need an XT90 loop connector if you wanted to run a single pack - eg OL-3288 or AR390204

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Hi there im looking at the hobbywing esc max 8 combo. It comes with the xt90 connectors, but i run traxxas connectors.
Asked by Steven on 11th April 2021

Sure, you can cut those off and solder on some Traxxas connectors eg 3070X

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Could I put xt-60 plugs on this esc because that's what I have get on my lipo's and what batteries would you recommend for all round bashing
Asked by Wayne on 14th April 2021

You can if you wish. XT90 would be better suited for the current draw however.

We normally use say 2577XT90 or O-GC3S5000-50X9 packs with these (2 each)

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Do these have connectors soldiered on and what are they
Asked by Charlie on 15th April 2021

Yes, these have twin XT90 connectors pre fitted

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Is it only xt90 you have in-store?
Asked by Daniel Hunter on 26th April 2021

Yes, that's all these are available with from Hobbywing now.

Answered by: Ben @ Wheelspin Models

Does this combo run its esc battery terminals in series.. ie two 3s lipos on deans
Asked by Chris on 19th May 2021

Yes is runs 2x XT90 connections.

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

Hi would this fit onto my e revo 2.0?
Asked by Dean on 14th October 2021

It would do yes, you would just need to stick the esc down to the chassis as it will not screw into place like the VXL-6s esc.

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

Does this come with a single connector or 2 in a loop , ready to take 2 battery’s ??
Asked by Kern Death on 23rd November 2021

This is set to take 2 lipos , but you also get a loop connection.

Answered by: Anthony @ Wheelspin Models

Will this fit straight into the traxxas maxx and can I still use the pin set up on the motor mount?
Asked by Neil Stow on 27th April 2022

No,  due to the motor mount setup on the Maxx you would only be able to use the Traxxas motor, without changing to an aftermarket motor mount.

Answered by: Si @ Wheelspin Models

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